Prime Global Sourcing serves also as an export trading company that is service-oriented. We provide importing and exporting opportunities to international as well as domestic companies to existing and new markets. PGS deals in general trading, Scrape trading, Used clothes trading, cement and clinker trading, rice trading, and food trading with idea of completely evaluating the objectives of all our buyers and suppliers for the execution of profitable and flawless transactions.

Scrap Trading

Prime Global Sourcing is one of the leading traders in various types of metallic scrap, automobile batteries, copper scrap, transformers/ generators, used tyres, plastic scrap, scrap compressors, iron scrap, PVC scrap etc., worldwide.

Used Clothing Trading

Prime Global Sourcing holds years of experience in second-hand business and we trade in used clothing and shoes. Our professional team has expertise in packaging and sorting the demanded goods for clients worldwide who look for the best quality second-hand clothing, shoes, and hand bags to be delivered according to their time.

Cement & Clinker Trading

Good quality cement and clinker are the most important substances to keep your architecture strong. Prime Global Sourcing has all the experience it takes to provide top-quality cement and clinker to global clients by taking care of their financial and temporal requirements.

Rice Trading

We trade the best quality rice around the globe through our reliable relationship with the best producers of rice in Pakistan that produces top-quality basmati rice. Our aim is to deliver the best quality basmati rice, medium long-range rice, indica, IRRI 6 rice, and bold grain rice, and varieties of Japonica rice to our clients worldwide.

Food Trading

Prime Global Sourcing is one of the most established names in the food trade business that has continued to form a strong and reliable bridge between food importers and food suppliers worldwide. PGS is the best choice for buyers who look for top-quality perishable food products like vegetables, fruits, dry fruit, or meat. Not only that we also deal in pink salt, sea salt and cooking oil trade as well.

From an idea to the end-product, we provide complete sourcing solutions to our clients through analysis of the latest market trends and price structures.