Scrape Trading

Prime Global Sourcing is one of the leading traders in various types of metallic scrap, automobile batteries, copper scrap, transformers/ generators, used tyres, plastic scrap, scrap compressors, iron scrap, PVC scrap etc., worldwide.

What We Sell

Are you in search for the best and top quality scrap material anywhere in the world, but you don’t know where you can find? You don’t need to worry, as you have come to the right spot. Prime Global Sourcing, in its Trading services provides you the variety of scrap material at the unbeatable prices.

Scarp Material Worldwide

Prime Global Sourcing provides top quality scrap and various other metal scraps, metal wastes. We function worldwide, and our scrap material stores are equipped with the finest technology, and contain skilled customer and personnel support. You can find our scrap material at reasonable and affordable rates that are unbeatable as compared to the market.

We don’t only distribute, but also recycle and purchase all types of metal wastes and metal scrap. Since, our top-most concern is the satisfaction of the client; therefore, we can’t compromise on the product quality at all. If you are looking for quality scrap anywhere in the world, Prime Global Sourcing sells all kind of scrap at the unbeatable prices. Contact us today.

Aluminum Scrap Worldwide

The alumini scrap is available costly in the market for approximately 700 to 800 US Dollars. If you need aluminum scrap anywhere around the globe in cheap rates then you are at the perfect place. Prime Global Sourcing deals with all kind of aluminum scraps at cost-effective and affordable rates. The other fundamental parts of our recycling process are copper scraps and aluminum scraps.

For Sale Iron Scrap

Top quality scrap iron is quite troublesome around the globe. However, we have years of experience in trading iron scrap, as it is the most valuable metal, and it is recycled several times. Prime Global Sourcing offers the top quality scrap trading services as we have become one of the leading iron suppliers aruond the globe.a

Plastic Scrap Material for Sale

Prime Global Sourcing offers you all kind of plastic material, steel scrap, plastic scrap, alloy, and PVC and various kinds of plastic. We have years of experience in selling plastic in bulk. If you are looking for cheap prices, then Prime Global Sourcing is the ideal place for buying the best kind of scrap plastic.

What Kind of Scrap We buy

You can sell your scrap to us at the most cost-effective prices. Here is the list of scraps that we can take from you:

Stainless Steel

Brass & Cast Iron

PVC Plastic

Plate & Sheet Metal

Surplus or Rejected Materials



Batteries & Compressors

Carbon Steel- All Forms


Steel Forgings

Nickel Alloys

Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy


Shavings, Turnings & Grindings




Pipe and Tubing

Flanges, Fittings & Valves

From an idea to the end-product, we provide complete sourcing solutions to our clients through analysis of the latest market trends and price structures.