Rice Trade

Prime Global Sourcing is one of the leading exporters in the rice industry from Pakistan that has continued to export the ultra-superior quality of basmati rice across the globe. PGS manages to deliver the top quality basmati rice from state-of-the-art processing plants with the aim to deliver the rice from the mountains of Himalayas to the tables across the globe.

Super Basmati Rice

Super Basmati Rice comes from specific regions of Sindh and Punjab Provinces. It is famously called as ‘king of rice’. Our team makes sure that the grains are selected carefully, and the soil of the region well evaluated along with length of grain, color, natural aroma, and moisture level that leads to the perfect cooking results.

The Super Basmati is admired for its taste, flavor, and aroma, ease of cooking upon cooking by catering companies, restaurants, retail stores, hotel industry, super market, and hyper market. Super basmati has natural aroma along with nutty flavor that is the peculiarity of this variety. However, in certain local languages, it is also called ‘perfume rice’.

Basmati Rice 1121

Basmati rice 1121 is globally popular due to its extra ordinary length up to (8.5-9mm), delicate taste, extremely easy cooking; the grains remain fluffy and separate even after having been cooked. However, this variety is not that old, yet it has managed to develop an excellent market in just a couple of years. Basmati 1121, just like Basmati rice grows only in Punjab region of India and Pakistan.

The 1121 Basmati rice is extracted from ethereal valleys that are completely snow-fed. It is considered to be a real gift from nature, and has a divine taste. Basmati 1121 is exceptionally fragrant, delicious, and extra-long. It is most famously used for cooking fried rice, biryani and pulao.

Traditional Basmati Rice

Traditional Basmati Rice is another popular variety that grows in specific regions of Sindh and Punjab provinces of Pakistan. It is famous for its distinct aroma, flavor and long grain. The farmers are very careful in maturing them while they are grow in the Punjab’s fertile soil.

Traditional Basmati does not stick and stays in shape. What makes this variety as perfect rice is its thin long grain that is liked all across the globe.

Sella Basmati Rice 1121

1121 Basmati Rice that has premium extra-long grain, is also termed as Magic Sella Rice and it is grown in areas where the temperature, environment and soil is suitable, especially in specific areas of Punjab that is a province of Pakistan.

This variety due to its length is highly demanded specially by the catering services and wherever there is high demand of Biryani cuisine around the world. 1121 Basmati Sella Rice is prominent for the fluffiness and length of cooked grains along with flavor and aroma this Sella offers. This lengthy variety of rice is without and shadow of doubt the ultra-super quality that has ever been perceived. Most of the regions that import this rice are Mid East along with Europe and GCC Countries.

D-98 Basmati Rice

Basmati D-98 originates in Pakistan and it is popular because of its aroma and cooking across the globe. It is produced in Sindh that is a Province in Sindh that is why it is globally also known as Sindhi Basmati.

The demand of this variety is all across the globe due to its pearl-white color, highly aromatic grain, and extra-long length. Its aroma resembles in characteristics with Basmati Rice.

IRRI-6 Rice

IRRI-6 variety has long grains and it is mostly grown in Sindh Province of Pakistan. Its grains are soft and long. IRRI-6 is not basmati and it is famous for its amazing cooking properties as well as economical prices.

There has been a great rise in the export of IRRI-6 rice in past decades and has become one of the bestselling Rice from Pakistan across the world. IRRI-6 is mainly exported to Dubai and Africa in bulk quantity. Furthermore, there is also great export to Bangladesh, Middle East, Philippines, and African countries.

IRRI-9 Rice

IRRI-9 is also a non-basmati rice produced in Pakistan. It is grown mostly in Punjab and Sindh provinces. The climate of these regions is conducive to the best growth of IRRI-9 Rice.

Its grains are narrow and long opaque that always stay in shape even after having been cooked. This rice offers the muggy touch which most of the people like.

PK-386 Rice

PK-386 has long grains and it is another non-basmati rice variety that grows in Punjab. It has striking similarities with Super Kernel Basmati Rice in terms of appearance and cooking. PK- 386 not sticky and they are made up of slender and thin kernels that do not contain any aroma but in terms of length they are longer than any other varieties of Non-Basmati rice. It is immensely popular in African and Middle East markets due to its superior cooking.

From an idea to the end-product, we provide complete sourcing solutions to our clients through analysis of the latest market trends and price structures.