What Does This Service Offer?

We aim to provide precise information to all clients for particular orders prior to the inspection dates.  This is an activity designed by our engineers to gather all the data from the production site with the purpose to provide exact production tracking records to the clients prior to the estimated delivery time.

The purpose of the production tracking is to take the clients live on-site to visualize the actual progress status of the production. Furthermore, our team makes sure that the material artwork, quality, and quantity are according to the requirement of the client and the production tracker. This service ensures that the client is able to provide the Work Instruction on each operation or department.

What benefits does the client get from the Production Tracking?

This service is essential for the client to make business decisions. It will be a massive difference to negotiate the future shipment plans and order placement with the manufacturer. This service ensures the maximum satisfaction of the client, as they will have exact scenarios before delivery, on the basis of PGS validation through bulk material check. The client gets to know whether the production is according to his instructions or not.

The report of production tracking provided by PGS has detailed status about the production which includes material quality and the client can check whether the accessories are in-house or it is still under production. Furthermore, the client has an opportunity to negotiate delivery date or shipment mode in case the client has a specific order in his priority.

How does it work? /Next Steps / Standard across the store

Our engineers validate the production tracker through updated excel data and properly maintain the record for the next visiting plan.

Through production tracking, we dispatch all serious findings observed during random checking of the bulk material. Our personnel will contact the client in order to provide the status on the day of the visit.

The updated report will be shared on-site with the client. Through our findings, the client will have a clear idea of whether he requires any multiple visits in any specific order line or not.

From an idea to the end-product, we provide complete sourcing solutions to our clients through analysis of the latest market trends and price structures.