PGS Technical Assistance

The well-trained staff, at Prime Global Sourcing, and Textiles engineers provide technical awareness sessions to suppliers or manufacturers in order to improve their quality according to the client’s parameters and other SOPs through E-Learning and from on-site sessions.

Prime Global Sourcing conducts Gap Analysis projects in supplier premises activity. It also covers multiple visits, various sessions, presentations, Gap analysis, Root cause, and analysis.

Furthermore, our qualified professionals are able to provide training sessions, online and on-site assessment exams for the specific topics.

We have a unique training system that provides training that will take online exams for that specific session in order to assess personal through results.

Which Benefits Does The Client Get From This Service?

The quality of the Product is the main objective of this task.

This service by Prime Global Sourcing is the key to achieving better outcomes in order to gain client satisfaction by providing awareness through training sessions.

Through PGS training sessions we assess, nominate, and certify selected personnel for the particular jobs that will lead to one of the main objectives which is the satisfaction of our client.

How does this Work? /Next Step

Our Textile Engineers and well-experienced staff create materials for training by making SOP,  Inspection procedures,  awareness sessions, gap analysis, root cause analysis reports, and presentations.

We conduct online Brainshark sessions, exams and maintain data for each participant’s marks and grades.

Prime Global Sourcing conducts its staff training as well in order to upgrade skill and give awareness regarding frequent changes and amendments according to the client’s procedures and SOPs.

From an idea to the end-product, we provide complete sourcing solutions to our clients through analysis of the latest market trends and price structures.