Third Party Inspection

Prime Global Sourcing provides third-party inspections at different stages of the complete process of manufacturing. We assist you to secure your production, protect your brand image and safeguard the quality of your product. We specially make sure that you are able to deliver excellent-quality textile and apparel products to the market with precision and speed.

Our essential focus is to provide a complete report to the client regarding non-compliances and defects during the various stages of the process of production. The satisfaction of the client is our core concern and through the Third-Party Inspection, we arrange for you Initial Production Check (IPC), During Production Check (DUPRO), and Final or post-production inspection.

What Will You Get in Different Stages of Inspections?

Here is a complete overview of the procedures and aspects that will be looked after during the various stages of the inspection.

Initial Product Inspection

You will get a complete report of the process undergone before shipment. You will be notified of what happens before the manufacturing process of the product which is in cutting and small parts. You’ll get the audit of cutting quality as well. It is noted that all the material is according to the reference sample. If there are shortcomings then the material can be returned to the apparel department for fulfilling the client’s demand.

During Product Inspection

It is an inspection that takes place right on site and the process is thoroughly inspected to ensure the quality of all the aspects such as labeling, packaging, visual inspection, dimensions, and physical requirement. This inspection is essential if you need to ensure the quality of the large-scale productions. Our continuous report to you in this stage will help you to make any amendments or other changes before they reach the end consumer.

Final Product Inspection

In the final product inspection, we provide you with a complete audit of the products according to your standards and requirements. It includes the total packing of goods according to the standards and regulations. A packing list is also prepared and sent to the buyer, the packing accuracy is also checked as per the packing list. Visual defects are checked again and the final report is prepared. The Final Production Certificate is also issued in the Final Production inspection.

What We Provide Through Third-Party Inspection

  • Our professional team provides technical findings according to the parameters and SOPs of all clients.
  • The well-dedicated team of inspectors we assign shall provide you with comprehensive findings and onsite reporting.
  • We further conduct all types of Fabric inspections based on 4 points and 10 points Systems.

The Benefits for you with Third Party Inspection by Prime Global Sourcing

Prime Global Sourcing makes sure that you as our client get certified inspection for the safety of your products which could be even textile and apparel, surgical uniforms, masks, leather, or even footwear. Moreover, it is your trust and satisfaction that we provide all services. We pay extra attention to the process of inspection to gain the trust of the clients. Through our professionally conducted inspection for you, access to the new market will become easy for you and can dominate in the market through your competitive advantage. We further satisfy you through our compliance with your product and you will get on-site and on-time reporting along with draft reporting at your web portal. We make sure that you stay updated with the end-to-end process of inspection thoroughly and timely. You’ll be able to provide us instant feedback in form of approval or rejection instantly. We help you to have a complete view of your product through our technical and competitive findings.

From an idea to the end-product, we provide complete sourcing solutions to our clients through analysis of the latest market trends and price structures.