Food Trade

Prime Global Sourcing is one of the Pakistan’s leading food exporters of food and beverages that export an exceptional range of products to various businesses across the globe. Having started in 2019, we have grown rapidly worldwide supplying perishable and non-perishable food, pink salt and Sea salt of the international standards to the clients in the whole retail industry.

We help leading brands manage and promote across various markets, meanwhile offering our clients competitive prices and a complete service of export. What distinguishes us in the market is our unmatchable knowledge in compliance, product labelling, freight and logistics for the global food trade. Further details of our products are given below:

Perishable Food

Prime Global Sourcing exports all kinds of perishable products worldwide. We begin with sourcing of raw materials, selecting them from few of the best farms, and follow all the necessary process with all our partner companies. For instance, we handle any vegetable in all complete production phases and we supply them in any form, semi-processed, processed or even finished product according to the clients request as well as for multiple commercial/industrial uses. The perishable foods we trade are:

  • Vegetable
  • Fruit
  • Dry Fruit
  • Chicken
  • Meat
  • Seafood
  • Cooking and refine oil

Non Perishable Food

The knowledgeable team of Prime Global Sourcing has become of the leading names in the non-perishable trading market. We have managed to develop long-term partnerships with various clients and suppliers. Our experienced traders continue to monitor prices worldwide so that they can ensure that the amazing deals and the best opportunities can be obtained. These are the following non-perishable products sourced from top-regarded suppliers:

  • Dried and canned beans
  • Grains
  • Dried vegetables
  • Dried meat and fish
  • Dried herbs and spices

Pink Salt Trade

The pink salt export services by Prime Global Sourcing offer distribution of the top-quality Himalayan Pink Salt at cheap prices. Our team will ensure the availability of perfectly refined Himalayan Industrial Salt. We have years of experience with the best suppliers to deliver nutritious and salutary pink edible salt across the globe.

From an idea to the end-product, we provide complete sourcing solutions to our clients through analysis of the latest market trends and price structures.