Cement and Clinker Trading

Prime Global Sourcing has been involved in import and export of the highest quality Cement and Clinker with a mission to achieve world-class results and standards in our trading services to keep heritage of our separate brand name in the Cement and Clinker Trade market.

Cement Trading

Prime Global Service has gained an extensive experience of trading within cement and concrete industry across the globe. The years of experience has helped us gaining access to a wide range of global cement resources and consequently we have developed a reputation as a top cement souring company.

We offer Cement in Bulk, Large Bag and also Sling Bags along with White, Grey color that is treated for Cr+6, and also low various types Alkalis.

Here are the Types of Cement We trade in:

We offer Grey Cement as well as White Cement.

Grey Cement

OP Cement- SR Cement- Composite Cement- Slag Cement- Oil Well Cement G Class HSR Type- Cement type I 42, 5R- Cement type I 42, 5N- Cement type II 42, 5R- Cement type I 52, 5N- Cement type II 52, 5N, Cement type II 32, 5R- Cement type IV 32, 5R- Type I & II- Type II & V

White Cement

Cement type I 52, N- Cement type I 52, 5R- Cement type II 42, 5N. The cement products by Prime Global Sourcing can be for the general purpose of the client, however, innovative mixture or even special versions can also be developed according to the specification of the clients’ project.

Clinker Trading

Prime Global Sourcing also trades Clinker that we sell across the globe. We have connection with the top clinker suppliers in the market and deliver to the clients according to their demand and time specifications.

Types of Clinkers we trade:

We provide almost all types of Clinker available in Grey and White.

Grey Clinker

Grey Clinker is the one that is the most appropriate for all cement production types like Cement type I 42,5R, Cement type I 42,5N, Cement type II 42,5R, Cement type I 52,5N, Cement type II 52,5N, Cement type II 32,5R, Cement type IV 32,5R, Type I & II, Type II & V

White Clinker

White Clinker, on the other hand, is the most appropriate for the production of cement types Cement type I 52,5N, Cement type I 52,5R, Cement type II 42,5N

From an idea to the end-product, we provide complete sourcing solutions to our clients through analysis of the latest market trends and price structures.