Who We Are?

Prime Global Sourcing has established itself as a top-rated sourcing company that is registered under the federal law enforcement department of Pakistan, FBR. Its inception is based upon twenty-three years of experience in the apparel and textile industry. We are located in the business hub of Pakistan in Karachi with branch offices in Sheffield, UK, and Barcelona, Spain. You can find a broad range of sectors In our portfolio from all kinds of apparel, textile, and their accessories.

We have come a long way in a brief span of time through our promising service to our valuable buyers. In such a short time we are providing exceptional quality apparel and textiles. For the further ease of the buyers, we provide them apparel accessories from our associate manufacturing unit in China. Soon, we plan to establish our offices in major business locations across Mid East, Europe and America as well.

The years of experience have developed our sharp insight into the textile and apparel industry which we use to optimize your cost. Moreover, the quality of the product is well taken care of along with the cost optimization.

The strategy we follow is based upon the keen focus to lay out and deliver effective sourcing for the buyers to boost innovation, enhance quality and manage cost-efficiency Our clients turn their designs into top-quality products through our in-house merchandising experts. Prime Global Sourcing makes sure to take care of all the compliances with the regulatory standards at the various markets.

Our Mission

At Prime Global Services we aim to help our clients achieve their desired results through effective sourcing. We make sure at any stage to provide the highest quality material to the client, and for that, we focus on maintaining healthy relationships with the top ten vendors, suppliers, and manufacturers of Pakistan. For reliable service, we negotiate orders for the clients by taking care of the client’s specifications. We rely upon the trust we have gained from our clients and we strive to strengthen our trust by providing timely service according to the deadlines. Our ultimate goal is to achieve the satisfaction of the client by ensuring quality and looking into speed of production and execution for the security of the delivery dates.

Our Vision

Our vision is to expand our reach across the globe in order to provide exceptional quality material to our buyers. We plan to establish our branches across the globe. Currently, we operate from Karachi and Spain with the intent to open our branches in UAE, New York, and across Europe. Furthermore, our goal of expansion is blended with the aim to provide maximum employment opportunities as well through our local and global branches. It will strengthen our relationship with the clients as connecting with them lies in the core values of the company. Our global offices will make it easy for our clients to approach us easily as well.

Need Little Inspiration of Our Work Motto


It is our fundamental belief that in order to succeed in any field a strong and healthy connection with the client is extremely necessary. The connection with the clients depends upon the strength of the internal connection within our company from our employees, partners, and our associates. That is done through our ability to quickly respond to the problems of our clients.


Every member of our company has intent behind their efforts upon the work to achieve the trust of our buyers, manufacturers, and other clients. It is connected with our core belief that trust is not easily gained and once we have gained it then it is ultra-necessary to maintain it. It is the very reason to have included trust in the core values of this company.


Our business depends solely on the ultimate desired result of our work that is the satisfaction of our client. Our services are delivered with utmost care for the client’s needs because we believe that if any business fails to prioritize the needs of the clients then it can never be successful. We carry on regular inspection of our work through the feedback of our clients and our in-depth analysis that how can we enhance their satisfaction.

From an idea to the end-product, we provide complete sourcing solutions to our clients through analysis of the latest market trends and price structures.